• How do you measure the value of managing your reputation in the public sector – and why you should. 
  • Finding a reputation formula that adds to your trust bank and what’s the payoff for your agency. 
  • Where are you on your reputation journey? 



  • Knowing the channels to use when delivering messages of high importance  
  • Crafting your messaging so it is clear, accessible, and doesn't cause panic 
  • Learning from recent events how to efficiently communicate in a crisis 




  • Providing leadership visibility during a crisis 
  • Ensuring managers receive early crisis updates, allowing them to prepare communications 
  • Ensuring that your post-crisis communications protect employee safety, confidence, and privacy   
  • Working closely with all departments to make sure your organisation lives up to any commitments made as part of your communications response  
  • Consolidating crisis information into weekly newsletters 


Round Table One  
Considering a “digital by default” approach to government communications
Kristy Christie, Principal (Product Marketing & Management, Cloud Apps) & Tech Director, The 
Round Table Two  
Breaking down silos by aligning communication strategies across the organisation
Mia Lauzé, Director Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Internal Client Services Division, Australian Financial Security Authority  




  • How should I be communicating with existing corporate partners to maintain and grow the relationship?  
  • How can communications strategy help my organisation find untapped commercial opportunities?  


  • Choosing the technological tools that can help measure the cut-through of your communications 
  • Looking beyond data to understand if, when, and how communications are resonating with your target audience






  • Deconstructing problems with partners and co-designing valuable communication activities 
  • Bringing internal stakeholders on the journey and creating allies along the way 
  • Treating audience and consumer collaboration as part of an ongoing relationship  
  • Integrating human centred design across all of your organisational communications  


  • Prioritising audience relations by moving away from the “tell and sell” model 
  • Understanding the principals behind ethical communications 
  • How listening to stakeholders can become a core component of your communication strategy 
  • Designing a communication strategy that encourages open and ongoing conversation 


  • Planning your research to maximise impact 
  • Finding the balance between qualitative and quantitative research 
  • Converting your research into effective public sector communications strategy 



  • Eliminating barriers to accessing communications among multicultural communities 
  • Innovating to reach communities quickly during a public health crisis 
  • Expanding the program to ensure that all government communications reach multicultural communities 



  • Recognising the intersections between comms and governance roles 
  • Streamlining strategy to minimise repetition and confusion 
  • Upskilling your employees by giving them a more holistic view of the organisation 
  • Tightening your communications strategy with greater collaboration between departments 



  • Finding ways to positively communicate updates to rules and regulations 
  • Breathing life into news stories based around regulation



  • Prioritising audience experience over flashy and expensive campaigns 
  • Keeping your communications engaging without blowing your budget 
  • Designing a strategy that allows your communications to be simultaneously timely and considered 
  • Taking your target audience on a seamless and integrated cross-channel journey  
  • Adopting a fresh communications tone for your digital content 


  • Developing a policy of radical transparency in your communication    
  • Ensuring that your external communications are a continuation of and led by your internal communications   
  • Understanding and realising the impact of direct and honest internal communications   


  • Managing multiple stakeholders to have collective impact  
  • Working in partnership with stakeholders and the media  
  • Leading teams to challenge status quo and think innovatively 


Elevating your skills as a strategic communications adviser and influencer for impact

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders® is a real-life game-based simulation that helps you navigate the ambiguity between theory and practice as you encounter real-life scenarios. Players quickly establish teams, debate key issues, and reflect on work challenges through a different perspective. 
When you play Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders®, you will take on the role of Corporate Communications Director of a large fictional organisation. Your goal is to help the Executive Team make the right choices. 
This learning program is licensed to the UK Government Communications Service for use as part of their training across the UK Government and is academically accredited by two leading British universities.We know that we learn best when we experience things, when we are having fun, and when we get a chance to reflect with others: these are the three pillars of its design.
You’re invited to come and play to: 
  • Explore real-life high-level organisational dilemmas 
  • Acquire new skills and approaches to dealing with stakeholders 
  • Understand your influencing style to have greater impact 
  • Deepen your skills as an effective strategic adviser 
  • Understand how to build personal and organisational reputation  
  • Improve personal and team performance, and 
  • Have fun whilst learning.  
What will you take away? 
  • You will gain a fresh perspective of what it means to be a communications business leader, get insights into your own behaviour, experience a taste of consensus-building under pressure and how you can help your team grow within your organisation’s unique culture. 
  • Each participant receives practical tools to reflect on their personal advisory and influencing styles, and how to apply insights to collaborate with others 
What previous participants have said about Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders® 
“One of the most strategic, practical and fun events for communication professionals that I’ve ever attended.”  
Megan Thomas, Change & Communication Lead, CBA 
“This is one not to be missed! I was fortunate to participate in Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders at the IABC World Conference 2018 in Montreal. It stands out as one of the best and most fun learning experiences of its kind throughout my career. Highly recommend!” Patrick Armstrong SCMP, Corporate Communications Manager, Sydney Water

Workshop Agenda 

08:30 – 08:45 
Welcome, Acknowledgment of Country 
Outline of agenda and goals today. 
08:45 – 09:00
Icebreaker – Creating Connection 
09:00 – 09:15 
How to play the game using Mural online whiteboard 
Set the scene and expectations. 
“Welcome to the Department of Public Administration.” Introduce and talk through the Department of Public Administration and the characters to create an immersive experience. 
People learn when they are having fun. Goal of this simulation is to cement the learning. 
09:15 – 09:20 
Scenario 1 – New Minister/New Promotion 
A simple scenario to get people in the mindset of playing the game. 
09:20 – 09:25 
Results shared – move on the CSCL board and allocate reputation points 
09:25 - 09:35
What type of Adviser are you? Introduction. Each participant will be given access to complete a diagnostic, receive their own Adviser Archetype analysis, and a 30-min Ask Me Anything session with Zora Artis at a convenient time after this event. 
09:35 – 09:50 
Scenario 2 – The Newsletter 
A scenario focused on stakeholder management 
09:50 -10:05
Results shared – move on the CSCL board and allocate reputation points 
10:05 – 10:20 
15 min Break 
10:20 – 10:40 
Skills exercise: RECIPE for Influence 
Explore Influencing Styles which will help you access different ways of getting your message across 
The six key influencing styles used in leadership and communication for impact. 
Easy ways to recognise and remember the different styles. 
The advantages and disadvantages of each, and when to use them 
10:45 – 11:05 
Scenario 3 –  Process v Performance  
A challenge to address balancing the focus upon internal process and outcome.  
11:05 – 11:20 
Results shared – move on the CSCL board and allocate reputation points 
11:20 –11:30 
10 min break 
11:30 –11:45 
Scenario 4 – The New Strategy  
A challenging scenario designed to bring everything together and force people to make a difficult choice. 
11:45 – 12:00 
Results shared – move on the CSCL board and allocate reputation points 
12:00 –12:05 
Winner Reveal  
12:05 - 12:20 
Game Plan - Individual and Team Reflection  
Make a group summary of the key points and themes to bring everything together. 
12:20 – 12:30 
Feedback evaluation 
Wrap up and close 
The Adviser Archetype diagnostic tool and personal analysis report will be provided for each participant. An optional “Ask Me Anything” 30-minute session is available with Zora Artis for each participant at a mutually agreeable time post event (no charge).


Workshop Facilitator  

Zora Artis, Alignment and Communication Strategist - CEO, Artis Advisory, Board Director, IABC  
Zora is Australia’s leading Alignment and Communication Strategist, working with board directors and senior leaders to unlock value in their organisations, people and brands to drive performance and impact. 
She is the CEO of Artis Advisory, a current director of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Asia Pacific region, past director of the IABC global executive board, and Vice-Chair of the IABC World Conference 2021. She holds certifications as a Strategic Communication Management Professional, Certified Practicing Marketer, company director and strategic alignment specialist. 
With three decades in business, marketing, communication, and branding Zora has worked across public, private and non-profit sectors. She has extensive experience with local, state and federal government departments and agencies on a breadth of issues, programs, policy launches, campaigns and crises, most recently on the COVID19 strategic communications and engagement response with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. 
Zora is the Australian licensee of Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders® and network partner Archetypical Worldwide – a creative learning and training business. She’s also a licensed facilitator and network partner of Mirror Mirror® – a proven team and culture alignment diagnostic tool and process. 
Her communications work has been recognised globally with IABC Gold Quill Awards in Advertising Brand Marketing Campaigns, Government Communication, Web/Digital categories. She is also a judge for the IABC Gold Quill Awards, Australian Marketing Institute Awards, IAP2 Core Value Awards, and WARC/Cannes LIONS Awards for Effectiveness.